Air Conditioner

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January 11, 2017
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January 16, 2017

Air Conditioner

This is why using an air conditioner is a good choice for them to remove harmful pollutants completely from the indoor and residential environments.
For this purpose, this device is strongly recommended to protect the health of children as well as adults. Today, in major cities, air pollutants increase respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and mental illnesses, and so in the contaminated cities of the world, physicians strongly recommend using appropriate air purifiers.

Types of Hayden Air conditioner Models

This product comes in a variety of types ranging from 5-step filtration to 7-step modeling and is available in different sizes. The Hayden purifier provided by Sepehr Air Conditioning Company is completely silent and eliminates the problem of metropolitan air pollution inside Tehran, bringing clean and healthy air.

In addition, it is possible to observe the performance of these devices by dedicated analyzers in the presence of customer in the office of Sepehr company.

Advantages of the HG350-C air conditioner

Provide 8 standard air quality parameters that are essential for human health

  1. Eliminate harmful gases
  2. Purification of suspended particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter; eliminating harmful dust for health
  3. Eliminate unpleasant indoor odor; keep air freshness and freshnes
  4. بNo sound pollution; Enjoy working without sound
  5. Remove excess moisture and humidity of the environment; improve breathing conditions
  6. Preserves oxygen content indoors by combining fresh air; preventing illness caused by indoor air conditioners
  7. Breathe in the pleasant natural air without opening windows
  8. Prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew on clothing and furniture

Other Benefits of Hayden Air Purifier

  • Heat exchanger to adjust the temperature of the outlet air; prevent energy loss
  • Maintain proper moisture content in winter and summer, depending on season; winter 30 ~ 60%, summer 40 ~ 80%
  • Remove excess CO2 from the air; lower than 1000ppm
  • Elimination of harmful particulate matter 5
  • Color digital control display
  • Variable dimming fan control

Types of Hayden Air Conditioner


Model 150


Model 250


Model 250-2


Model HB80

Table of specifications of air conditioner system

Model of air conditioner system
5-Step HB80 Wall
7-step HG350A stand
Dimensions of air conditioner system
820x400x210 mm
1450x533x390 mm
Air Conditioner Capacity
80 m3/hr
350 m3/hr
Power consumption worked
8-35 W
14-116 W
Standby power consumption
1 W
<2 W
Suitable for measuring
20-40 m2
100-140 m2
Suitable for measuring
Good time to install air conditioner
After decoration
Before decoration
Maximum sound
<35 dB
<55 dB
Location of suction valve
Down and to the sides
Air Purification Efficiency

Hayden air conditioner Catalog