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January 11, 2017
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January 11, 2017

Introduction to Italian Package of Padua

In this section, you can be acquainted with Italian Padua Package provided by Sepehr Air Conditioning Company.

Features of Italian Padua Package

- With 100% European parts
- European day design and technology
- Under the direct license of Italy
- European standard CE mark
- ISIRI national standard badge
- Special warranty and after-sales service
- 93% efficiency declared in Europe's most prestigious laboratories
- kW~22000 - 25kcal/h
- Input capacity ~ 22000 25kcal / h

Comparison of single and dual converter wall heaters

When buying a package, it may come to your question whether to buy a single converter package or two converters? When buying a package, most sellers mistakenly state that the two-converter package is better. Unfortunately, most packages experts also make the mistake that a 2-converter package is better than one, but the reality is the opposite. It is generally assumed that 2-converter packages will be modified at a lower cost for sedimentation, but this problem will be resolved if a single-converter package utilizes quality sediment
For information on suitable sediment, read the article on Package Sediment Filter at Sepehr Site.

The advantages of a single converter package over two converters are as follows:

  • The lack of a three-way valve motor in the single-converter package is likely to break down.
  • Lack of three-way valve in the single converter package, which usually breaks or leaks
  • Ability to supply hot water for use if the device's switch is broken through heat exchange with the appliance's path
  • The pump is switched off in the consumable water mode, which prolongs the pump life
  • The cheaper price of the single converter package because of the lower parts used


In fact, a single converter package is less likely to be damaged if used with a suitable sediment filter and will therefore result in less maintenance and maintenance costs for the customer because fewer components are used and less package depreciation.

Padua Package

پکیج دیواری

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