The distinction between cellulose and evaporative cooler

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January 17, 2017
Tips on Healthy and evaporative Cooler
September 30, 2017

The distinction between cellulose and evaporative cooler

With regard to the ever-increasing progress being made in all industries, the right to choose a customer has increased, and this has made the choice a little more complicated. In this regard, the air conditioner market is not an exception to this rule, considering the different types available in the market that can be referred to as water coolers (normal and cellulose), gas coolers. In this article, we intend to differentiate the evaporative and cellulosic water coolers and learn about the benefits of these products.

Introduction to Cellulose Water Cooler

Water coolers that use cellulose pads instead of linseed are called cellulose water coolers. In this model, the air conditioner prevents contaminated air and dust and contamination in the air conditioner due to the thickness as well as the absence of large pores and the use of air purifiers in the cellulosic water cooler structure and prevents healthy air without contaminants.

It is worth noting that cellulose pads will have a shelf life of 5 years.

Advantage of cellulosic water cooler compared to other water coolers

  • Increase cooling of the environment
  • Cellulose Water Cooler Body Strength
  • Prevent the transmission of bacteria
  • Volume reduction

What is a cellulose pad?

Cellulose pads have greater efficiency and efficiency than pellets. Because the cellulose pads have spontaneous conditions, in this respect they are deposited in a longer and longer period than the pulp, which increases the useful life of the cellulose pad.

Since cellulose layers are regularly arranged next to each other, this type of design, in addition to creating a contact surface between air and water, reduces energy consumption as it consumes less electricity. And electricity

In the cellulose pads, the water absorption rate is very high, which is an important factor in cooling the air so that 2 liters of water is carried by 2 cubic meters of cellulose pad.

The highlight of cellulose is that cellulose does not carry water droplets in cool air, which prevents the transmission of respiratory bacteria and allows healthy air to flow into the environment.

 Getting acquainted with blue water cooler

One of the best-selling products in the summer was the water cooler, which was purchased annually by the public, and if available at home, the sale of the water cooler became a hot market.

It is noteworthy that there are several different types of water coolers in the Iranian market, which are usually available in types 1, 2, and 3.

As the numbers indicated, the higher the suction and inlet pressure, the higher the cooler motor power, which means that the cooler suction power will be able to suck in more air, which will allow more cooler inside. Enter the house.

If we want to increase the performance of our air conditioners, we have to change the diapers every year.

The advantage of a evaporative cooler

One of the most important advantages of a evaporative cooler compared to a gas cooler is its low cost, which in this way, even costs less to consume electricity.