Tips on Healthy and evaporative Cooler

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September 27, 2017
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February 18, 2018

Tips on water cooler and health

 Tips on Healthy and evaporative Cooler

In the summer, the evaporative cooler is responsible for supplying air conditioning and cooling to the home, and there are tips on cooling and its relationship to people’s health.

As mentioned in the previous articles, the aquatic coolers due to the moisture and contamination in the pouches, are a very good place to grow different types of fungi as well as germs and many allergies that cause colds. Frequent crops occur in the summer, which is one of the reasons for the lack of replacement of annuals.

One of the fungi that grows in this space is Aspergillus, which is highly pathogenic and can cause many diseases if a person with lung disease is exposed.

It should be noted that since the linens provide conditions for disease, it is suggested that the linens be replaced annually and that doors and windows are opened when using new linens in the early days. .

Note that if you do not use air conditioning throughout the year, the inlet valves, as well as the pipes, consist of dust and suspended particles, all of which enter the building when you start the air conditioner. Moreover, it will allow the dusty blue air to be directed into your home. If the cellulosic water cooler acts against the aqueous cooler and separates the system from any dust.

it is recommended that if you use a evaporative cooler as a cooler, replace the cooler every year, and in this regard, clean the cooler valves as much as possible to avoid free air when in use. Enter the building from the dust.

If you don’t pay attention to these small but valuable tips, the dust will certainly enter your home space and then the dust will enter your home space.

Keep in mind that dust can cause problems that, most importantly, can cause problems in the upper and lower respiratory tract, especially for people with respiratory distress, children and the elderly.

Be sure to keep a cooler on your outdoor cooler when you are out and about, or you may not be exposed to direct cooler wind to prevent colds.

It is also advisable to open the valves before using the air conditioner and clean one by one with a paper towel in front of the air conditioner to prevent dust.

Another thing that can be done for air conditioners is to provide a completely thick cover to prevent dust and dust from entering the building in the fall and winter and when you are not using the air conditioner, Draw the cover on it to prevent dust from entering the cooler and then into the building.