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September 30, 2017
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March 11, 2018

کولر آبی

Water cooler with air conditioner

For the first time in Iran, the design and production of water cooler with double cellulose and air conditioner was generated by Sepehr Air Conditioning Company.

This contains cellulose, smart, low power, high efficiency, air conditioner, variable fan direct dial fan, remotely controlled mobile cooler and many other options.

Some Advantages of Sepehr Air Conditioner Super Cooler:

The use of washable and uncomplicated polyamide fibers for filtration of suspended particulate matter in open air

Removing microbes and soot in contaminated cities such as Tehran (maintaining people's health).
Increased cellulose lifespan and no need for annual replacement (reduced maintenance cost).
Washable filters up to 4 years (no need for annual replacement)

With FISCH BACH direct-coupling fan and without bearing and fuse straps

No belts, fuses and bearings, no need for annual service (reduced maintenance cost). Reducing noise and vibration (creating more utility)
Fan without belt cooler  

Setting the fan speed indefinitely and as desired

The optional low-power, variable-speed engine delivers more desirable not only speed, but also increased efficiency (increasing both efficiency and performance)  

Evaporative cooler Temperature Control

Ability to automatically adjust the temperature through the in-unit control circuit Ability to connect to various thermostats as well as remote control and ...
Higher efficiency than existing coolers due to the special design and minimal waste of energy
Utilizing thermal insulation to increase the efficiency of the low power motor
High Efficiency Cellulose Water Cooler High Efficiency Variable Direct Coupling Direct Drive Motor Drive

Ability to add cooling section to provide cooling in very hot areas

With double cellulose and two powerful pumps to provide adequate cooling in the tropics.  

Dimension Table Cooling Stand Air conditioner


Length * Width * Height (cm)(cm)

Crater dimensions (cm) (cm)

5000 CFM



7000 CFM



Dimensions table of ceiling air conditioner power


Length * Width * Height (cm)

ابعاد دهانه (cm)

5000 CFM



7000 CFM



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