What are the benefits of a water-cooled air conditioner?

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February 18, 2018
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May 19, 2019

What are the benefits of a water-cooled air conditioner?

The inhabitants of the big cities of our country, especially children, in indoor or office spaces, due to the lack of indoor air exchange with the outside, as well as the pollution of the big cities, which often cause the windows to be closed and to allow fresh air to enter. Units are limited because they are exposed to problems such as fatigue, lack of concentration, nervous problems, stress, and so on. Sepehr air conditioning has provided a solution to prevent these problems.

The engineering tables for the design of air conditioning systems and related references for indoor spaces should provide a percentage of aeration from fresh and clean air.

But unfortunately today in our country chiller, split, duct split systems and the like are not followed and the percentage of fresh air supply is zero. In other words, in the design of air conditioners, a total of 2% of recycled indoor air is used, which is completely against world standards.

In air-conditioning systems whose cooling system is evaporative, the aeration must be carried out through fresh air, while partly the air dust is washed off and removed on arrival. For example, up to 1% of air pollutants in the air system are washed and filtered. However, in the usual water cooler, the filtration rate is very low.

In this regard, Sepehr Air Conditioning Company for the first time has started designing and manufacturing smart cellulose water cooler with air purification capability.

These air conditioners have the following advantages:

Utilizing non-washable polyamide fibers for filtration of suspended particulate matter in open air;


Utilizing a Bach Fuchsch direct-coupling fan and without bearing and fuse straps.

Setting fan speed indefinitely and arbitrarily (not just two slow and fast rounds.

Ability to automatically adjust the temperature through the control unit inside.


Higher efficiency than existing coolers due to the special design and minimal waste of energy.


Ability to add cooling section to provide cooling in very hot areas.

In evaporative systems such as water coolers and air conditioners due to the nature of using 8% fresh air in the process of adiabatic cooling of fresh air always enters the interior of the apartment. It is necessary to explain that the highest level of air purification is the washing air, in which the whole process of contamination and particulate matter is washed away, and clean air enters the interior of the apartment or living space (Wikipedia quoted).

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The benefits of breathing fresh air on health

Take a moment to breathe clean, fresh air. Here are some of the benefits of breathing oxygen and fresh air:

Fighting aging

Proper breathing can delay the onset of early signs of aging, breathing exercises can reduce stress and maintain healthy cells. The aging process has various causes, such as stress and cell damage.

If you feel stress stressing you, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Count your breaths to calm down. Do these exercise at home or at work.

Improving brain activity

Breathing in fresh air is good for brain health. Fresh air helps detoxify the body and does so by oxygenating the blood.

The researchers tested two groups: the first group was exposed to pure oxygen and the second group exposed to normal air. The group that breathed pure oxygen was able to recall 5 percent more of the words on the list than the group that breathed normal air.

If you are confused and startled and need to concentrate, breathe better. Fresh air makes it easier to do the hard work.

Detoxification of the body

Pure oxygen helps detoxify the body and cleanse the body of toxins that are harmful to health by doing oxygen delivery to the bloodstream.

When blood is well oxygenated, it works well to relieve toxins from the body’s system. These toxins are excreted like stool without harming the body.

Raising energy levels

If you travel a lot by plane, you may experience unpleasant situations caused by a jet lag. In addition to feeling tired and drowsy, the jet lag also reduces the body’s energy levels and when you feel tired, the body does not have enough oxygen in the bloodstream.

Breathing properly and deeply is a way to instantly deliver energy to the body and bring the mind to life. Of course, nothing replaces a perfect sleep.

Accelerating healing of injuries

Professional athletes recover faster from injuries and more intense training than normal people. Soccer and basketball players use oxygen therapy to help speed recovery time and repair injury. Oxygen breathing has proven to be an effective method of healing injuries faster and faster.

Specialists prescribe oxygen therapy for patients who want to recover sooner after surgery or injury. Pure oxygen breathing is not just for professional athletes and patients, but everyone can do oxygen therapy to improve their health.

Improving the immune system

The immune system protects against infection and diseases such as the flu, colds and coughs. Although there are various ways to keep the immune system healthy, but breathing clean air is a factor that keeps the immune system at its best. Breathing in clean air, along with proper nutrition, exercise and proper rest, strengthens the immune system