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After years of effort and experience, due to the high cost of set up and installation of central air conditioners in towers and apartments, Sepehr Air Conditioning Company was prompted to design and manufacture independent apartment (air washer) air conditioners for the first time in Iran, by utilizing some specialized and trained experts.
In the next step, other types of air conditioners, including standing air conditioners, were generated via a heating coil. In any independent apartment with a very low cost and without the need for radiators and fan coils, it will only provide good air conditioning, pleasant winter heat and cool summer temperatures while maintaining adequate humidity throughout the seasons.
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Introducing Sepehr Air Conditioning Projects

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Sedigh Project


Project Faramarzi


Project Mani


Medical Science Project


Madaen Project


Simorgh Project


Amiri Farrokhi Project


Shahiri Project

Introducing Sepehr Air Conditioner

The low-energy, advanced intelligent cellulose air conditioner manufactured by Sepehr Air Conditioning Company is a new and successful product of this company, which has the power of direct coupling engine, which is one of the features of the Bach Fish Much better performance than belt models. It is worth noting that in a variety of air conditioners manufactured by Sepehr Air Conditioning, smart and advanced thermostats perform the task of precise control of ambient temperature.

Advantages of Sepehr Ventilation Products

  • Residential, commercial and residential apartment units
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity throughout the year
  • Independence of units in a building
  • No occupation of the building
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick installation
  • Reduction in costs

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